Poverty is an Epidemic!
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Poverty is an epidemic in our county.  Many families, children, veterans are considered part of the working poor in our society today.  As such, they may have full-time jobs but not be earning a living wage.  Therefore, they are unable to attain and retain housing.  That’s where Homeward Bound is working to close the gap.

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Poverty Is...

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A Health



Poverty can lead to real health issues; diabetes, coronary disease, hypertension,  and obesity, just to name a few. 


These health conditions limit a person’s ability to work and improve their situation.

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Did you know...


In La Porte County over 21 percent of the residents live under the poverty level. 

86 percent of our residents graduate from high school and our median income is only $39,000.


Rents Paid


In 2020 and 2021 Homeward Bound has supplied over 40 CCH clients with the first months rent! 

We continue to look for affordable housing.  If you are a great landlord, please reach out to us and let us know if you have affordable housing for rent.