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Image by Shona Corsten

What is Homeward Bound's Karwick Village?

Karwick Village is a community of affordable housing in La Porte County.  The village will be more than a place to live; it is a housing cooperative consisting of 12 homes, each housing up to two people.  Residents, or members of the cooperative, must abide by the rules of the cooperative and each will have a vote in how the cooperative is run, including who lives in the village.

Physically, the design of the homes themselves is meant to foster community.  The plan is for homes to face in toward a common space, be in close proximity to each other and each have a front porch for sitting, easy access to green space and communing with neighbors.  The homes will each have 500 square feet of living space, including a kitchen, private bath, bedroom(s), and living/dining area.

How many people will live in each unit?

One to two people per unit will be allowed.

How will residents apply to live at Karwick Village?

One of the exciting things about Karwick Village is that it is a housing cooperative and prospective residents are actually applying to be a member of the cooperative.  When applying to live in Karwick Village, they are also agreeing to abide by the Community Agreements of the cooperative.  As members, are expected to take an active roll in making decisions that affect the community and its members.

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