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Get to Know Us

Homeward Bound, Inc. is a group of concerned individuals in La Porte County who work together to craft permanent solutions for permanently affordable housing. We embrace the opportunity to work with diverse people in a spirit of cooperation, including local residents, individuals who are unhoused, non-profit agencies, faith communities, foundations, businesses, and others who are trying to make basic housing available to those who need it.

We are in the process of raising funds for our first community of affordable homes.  These homes will be 500 square feet and will include a kitchen, living area, dining area, and 1 or 2 bedrooms.  We anticipate building four 3-unit buildings which will house up to two people in each unit.

Our Goals…

Advancing self-sufficiency and human dignity: Safe, stable, affordable housing is the foundation upon which people can achieve a better life. Evidence-based studies in many cities across the United States have demonstrated that providing housing first provides people the security to address other issues that are barriers to their success.  Homeward Bound is committed to fostering personal responsibility, and independence, for people to move out of unstable living situations and into brighter futures.

Safe, stable, well-designed small homes:  People have a right to personal housing that not only is safe, weatherproof, durable, and functional but also feels like home. It must be well built and secure—even if it is small—and integrated into the surrounding neighborhood.   Homes constructed by Homeward Bound will be compact, highly affordable housing units that provide comfortable personal space for residents. Green design principles and materials will be used as much as possible.

In a village setting: In order to foster a sense of community, build self-governance skills and personal responsibility, and develop pride among residents of their village, Homeward Bound homes will have communal spaces where residents can come together to get to know each other and mutually plan for their community’s success. Residents will be involved in the operation and maintenance of the community with oversight and support provided by Homeward Bound.

For those who need them most: The cost of housing is prohibitive for many people whose physical, mental, or economic conditions limit their ability to maintain private, stable, and secure living space. Homeward Bound will serve La Porte County residents with very low incomes that are currently unable to access affordable housing and will strive to make housing available to those who otherwise would have no acceptable housing. Homeward Bound and all residents will practice mutual respect and never discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender preference, or any other legal or personal characteristic.