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Our Vision

Our Vision is to create a village, Homeward Bound Village, which provides affordable housing and job opportunities for the homeless.

Our Mission is to eliminate homelessness in La Porte County within ten years.  We will accomplish our mission by:

  1. Continuing to raise funds annually in support of our partners working to defeat homelessness.

  2. Leading the effort to establish Homeward Bound Village by aligning the efforts of our partners, securing support for the initiative from private and public enterprise and generating support through individual volunteerism and their financial support.

  3. Providing a loving, safe, healing environment for our clients where hope, dignity and a renewed purpose for their lives is attained.

Advisory Board  
They All Have A Love For Mankind & A Passion To End Homelessness


Caroline Shook - Chief Executive Officer Housing Opportunities - BOD Homeward Bound

Experienced in operating a corporation that supplies housing for low income people.  Caroline’s guidance through the development and operation of Homeward Bound is very much needed.  

Ed Merrion - Director Catholic Charities

Ed has worked with our local homeless population for over 20 years and his leadership in Catholic Charities has been critical in getting many citizens back on their feet..

Ed Seal - Swanson Center – PATH Coordinator - BOD Homeward Bound

Ed is Swanson Centers representative on our Home Team and has agreed too be on Homeward Bound Board of Directors.  He is also instrumental in developing our yearly Point in Time count which identifies our homeless population

Jim Musial - Executive Director CCH - BOD Homeward Bound

Jim’s ability to look “outside the box”, know what resources are available, and what’s going to be needed to make our efforts a success will be invaluable.


John VanderWagen - Retired Business Exec - Treasurer Homeward Bound.

John’s experience starting a new company from scratch and making it an international player will be very valuable.  He is being asked for his support in developing a business plan and accounting system in order that we know where we are at all times and what our needs are.

Kathleen Kelly - Executive Director Sharing Meadows

Kathleen has been very instrumental in the fund raising and operation of Sharing Meadows which deals with special needs adults.  They developed a 185 acre facility where these special adults can live, work, and relax in dignity.  She’s retiring next year and looking for a place to volunteer.  WOW – It doesn’t get any better than this because our operation will also address people that have special needs.

Kris Pate - Executive Director United Way

Kris was one of the first to watch Leigh’s presentation reviewing his visit to Community First Village in Austin TX.  The thrust of United Way is changing to being more project oriented than in the past.  We hope that Homeward Bound Village may be one of the projects United Way addresses.

Leigh Coburn - Retired Business Exec. - President Homeward Bound

Leigh’s goal is to replicate an operation he viewed in Austin TX that addresses their homeless population.  Leigh will form a new non-profit 501 C-3 corporation and help put together an organization that will help our homeless population for many years in the future.

Lisa Pierzakowski - Trustee Central Township - Vice President Homeward Bound

Lisa goes far beyond the requirements of a Trustee in reaching out and helping the disenfranchised in her Township.  She has attended the same workshop in Austin that Leigh attended and will be in a lead position for Homeward Bound Village.

Mary Ann Richards - CDBG Program Manager for the City of La Porte

One of the 4 projects that come under Mary Ann’s purview is to enrich the lives of low and moderate income families with a priority of eliminating homelessness. We’re going to help Mary Ann attain that goal.

Randy Novak - MC Fire Chief - Manager Re Max Realty - La Porte County Council

Randy was very helpful to Leigh in the very early development of what ended up becoming Keys to Hope.  He has a warm spot for the disenfranchised in our community and his knowledge concerning land availability, zoning etc. is much needed.

Roger Potratz - Owner DH2W Architectural firm - BOD Homeward Bound

Roger has a history of working with organizations trying to eliminate homelessness.  He has been very helpful to Leigh discussing design ideas, location etc. in order to get our project up and running.

Byron Taylor - First Step Ministry - BOD Homeward Bound

Byron is the Head of First Step Ministry which is located inside the La Porte Salvation Army.  They basically help with NIPSCO, Rent and Water and do with spiritual ministry with it.

Suzanne Sharp - St Vincent DePaul - BOD Homeward Bound

Suzanne and her husband Dick Sharp head up the Food Bank/Resource for St. Vincent DePaul  in La Porte.  They operate a food bank each month and help with other necessities.

Lisa Human - Accounting with CLH - BOD Homeward Bound

Lisa will be our expert guiding our Treasurer in setting up a valid accounting system insuring we meet the requirements of a 501 C-3 organization.

Mike Kilbourne - Director Keys to Hope

Mike grew up in a homeless situation and that experience added to his working with the homeless as Director of Keys to Hope gives him valuable insight as to what's needed to develop our Village.


Pam Kelly - Accountant – working on MBA

Pam and her husband, Tom are starting Sustaining You Farms in 2017.  The goal is to bring as much locally grown, quality produce as possible to the community.  Their employee focus is homeless veterans.  They eventually want to expand to community education of gardening which is why IPam is getting the Master Gardener certification but the cert will also help for training those working for them. 

Dean Mazzoni-CEO Franciscan Health

Dean is interested to see how Homeward Bound progresses in order to ascertain how the present hospital on Ohio Street can best be utilized after the new facility is opened.

Robin Surber - Secretary Homeward Bound - Family Care Manager for Deprtment of Child Services

Robin has a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and an Associate's degree as a Paralegal.  She's worked 9 years with the County as a Court Administrator, and County Commissioner's Secretary.  

Dan Radtke - Retired Owner of Pioneer Lumber

Dan has extensive knowledge concerning building and real estate development and has been involved helping support the men’s overnight shelter.