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Wooden House

    Creating Community Through Affordable Housing

Homeward Bound Villages believes that people succeed together and that's why we're focused on creating affordable housing in a village setting.  We rely on a proven cooperative housing model where residents are empowered to work toward the common good of their community.  

Image by Paul Hanaoka

Imagine having to make the tough decision between paying rent or buying food for your family.  It's a real struggle for so many living right here in La Porte County.  Homeward Bound is committed to help solve this problem starting with our Karwick Village property.

Why Affordable Housing?

What sets Homeward Bound apart?

Homeward Bound's Karwick Village is different from other affordable housing alternatives in that its residents will have ownership in the cooperative as well as an opportunity for permanent housing.  Member residents have a vote in day-to-day operations and they will be able to live in the village as long as they desire, as long as they are in good standing in the community.

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